2PCS DJ Speakers 15 inch Outdoor Speaker System Pro Pa Party Monitor Speaker PMPO Wooden 2Pcs 5Core 15X2 1250 FX CPT 2PCS Ratings


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DESCRIPTION15X2 1250 FX CPT 2PCSFeatures:?? Best quality Medium Density Fiber Board & LDF from world's leading company of India in...

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15X2 1250 FX CPT 2PCS


?? Best quality Medium Density Fiber Board & LDF from world's leading company of India in Boards/Ply manufacturing is being used like Green Ply in cabinet manufacturing.
?? Sturdy construction and excellent finish with accurate dimension cutting on Automatic CNC machine
?? Good quality Glass wool (fiber) used for proper sound absorption.
?? High Quality Y-30 Approved Ferrite magnet & Compressor Driver with Y-30 Magnet
?? Specifically Engineered two-way Crossover Network for best and perfect Sound
?? A pair of Speak-on connectors is given for input and output for another setup.
?? Metallic back plate with proper marking of connection for easy installation.
?? Metallic handles for easy to carry or convenience
?? Custom made design suitable for Professional use and produces soothing sound.
?? Product available in texture-painted finish.


?? High quality adhesive and chrome polished nails are used for strong joints.
?? Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor or outdoor Performance.
?? Strongly etched thick copper layer track on FR & Glass epoxy sheet PCB's are used and components mounted carefully on proper space given in board.
?? Best quality solder used for strong connection between joints.

Technical Specifications :

? Speaker


? Impedance

? Voice Coil

? Tweeter
Compression Driver (CD-90)

? Magnet
155 mm

? Dimension
L514 X H1230 X D505 mm

? Weight
41.0 Kgs

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