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    5CORE® presents 5C PM 888 Wired Microphone in Plastic Series with fascinating features and specifications that render great satisfaction to customers. Integrated with technology, 5CORE® Microphones in Plastic Series formed of heavy-duty ferrite magnet within a Plastic/Metal Bawl gives exemplary sound output. Plastic Microphones render impressive Microphone to mouth reception.


    *  Good reception of the Microphone
    *  4.5m coaxial shielded low noise cable
    * Metal/Plastic bawl with thick foam for shock/dust proofing cartridge.
    * 3-pin professional XLR connector universally matched.
    * Best quality grade 1 plastic granules for professional look


    * High-quality ferrite magnet in cartridge
    * Best Quality PP Plastic with Powder Coating/Paint for Professional look
    * We have the largest range of Wired Microphones
    * Easily compatible with all PA System

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    Dimensions8.5 × 4.0 × 2.5 in