5 Core Smart Weighing Scale Bluetooth 12 Composition Analyzer-BMI 396LBS 7808B


• Accurate Measurement- High precision sensors and 4 sensitive electrodes measure in increments of 0.2 lbs. with a maximum capacity of 400 lbs., to ensure the accuracy of each value. Monitors weight (kg., lb.), body fat & Water %, plus muscle & bone mass. Accurate weight measurement to 100g.
• Accurate Design- Wi-Fi ensures that your measurement is accurate anywhere in the world, and position control technology guides you into the correct stance so that each weigh-in is precise.
• Stay Healthy & Focused – Once you step on our 400-lb weight scale, you’ll receive a full analysis of your health and fitness which is important for managing diet plans, structuring workouts, gaining or losing weight safely, or changing habits. Easily changes weight units through the app in lbs., kg.
• Automatic Synchronization- Data from every weigh-in appears automatically via Wi-Fi in the free app.
• Multi-User Friendly- Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight histories, as the scale automatically recognizes who is who.
• Keep track of the whole family growth with pregnancy tracker (healthy weight gain range and obstetrician-reviewed advice) and baby mode, to track the youngest members.

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    5 Core Smart Bathroom Scale, Bluetooth Body Fat Monitor Weight Scale, Digital BMI Key Composition Analyzer for Weight, Fat, Muscle Mass, 396lbs Easy and convenient way to measure your body composition. Step 1: Wake up the scale and open the Bluetooth, AiFit App. Step 2: Step on the scale. Step 3: View your measurements. No need for complicated set-ups. The 5 Core smart bathroom/Bedroom scale is equipped with a fast connection function. You can easily and instantly view your body ingredient stats. Product Size:11.8'' x 10.2'' x 1.1''. Measurement Reminder Set an alarm in the Aifit app to remind you to weigh. In case you miss the better weighing time. Help you observe body changes more closely. Unlimited Users The AiFit digital bathroom scale accommodates unlimited users. Each user just needs to download the AiFit app and create their individual profile. Privacy Protection You can create your lock password. When others use your phone, they need to enter the password to see your measurement data. AiFit app will protect your privacy to prevent leaks.

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