5 Core Feedback Suppressor Destroyer Killer Processor With LCD Display -FS-01


• 5 Core introduces Auto EQ algorithm which ensures an extremely accurate, fast, and non-intrusive automatic EQ experience.
• Enhanced algorithm for faster, more precise feedback elimination, without adversely affecting your system’s tone.
• Digital display functions on the Drive Rack, guides you through easy, step-by-step processes to help you get the most from your system.
• 4 Channel Phantom Input Microphone processor (female Audio socket) inputs; 1 female P-38 Jack mic input.
• 1 male XLR line outputs.

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    FS-01 is an outstandingly-built audio signal processing device used in the signal path in a live sound reinforcement system to prevent or suppress audio feedback. Features: • 4 channel phantom microphone input. • It can enhance the microphone's pick up range. • It has as many as 12dB additional gain and effectively prevents the occurrence of feedback. • It has automatic adaptive tiller, which can be switched between exact mode and fast mode. • It has a buiIt-in crystal oscillation, software algorithm. • It renders stable performance not affected by temperature and external interference. Technical Specifications: Inpul channel 4 Rated voltage Power consumption Sample frequency Freq. resp . 220V-110% 50HZ 7W(Music model) 32KHZ(Speech model I 125HZ-15KHZtSpccch model) 20HZ-15KHZ(Music model) Distortion Signal to noise ratio Signal delay Temperature range The input impedance The output impedance Weight Dimension (H x D x W) 90» 7msfMusic model. 11ms(speech model) -10-55-C 20KC1 200KQ 2.5KG 400MM x 220MM x 4 JMM

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