5 Core Dynamic Karaoke Unidirectional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone 1000X


• 5 Core Unidirectional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone helps pick up pattern and built-in spherical wind and pop filter for separating background noise and delivering clear sound.
• Neodymium magnet in cartridge for high signal to noise output.
• Frequency response designed for vocals, with highlighted midrange and bass effects.
• Great for everyday as well as occasional use such as live musical performances, public speaking, podcasts, recording sessions, blogging, interviewing and more. Compatible with, karaoke machine, mixers, PA systems, amplifiers. Compatible to mount with any standard microphone stand.
• Accessories Protective Portable carry case for storage of microphone. 1 x detachable 15 feet microphone cable. (XLR to Mono Plug) 1 x microphone clip which can be used for any microphone.

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    5C MM ND 1000X (Neodymium Series Mic)

    With high-output Neodymium Cartridge in Magnet, 5 Core® 5C MM ND 1000X Wired Microphone in Neodymium Series is embossed with the heavy-duty material, fine-quality soldering, and shockproof body to render clear and placid sound reproduction.

    *Metallic black body with elegant paint finish
    *4-5 inch hand-held reception from mouth
    *Shock/dust proofing of cartridge with metal ball having thick foam
    *Universally matched 3-pin professional XLR connector
    *4.5 meters coaxial, shielded low noise cable
    *Unidirectional microphones

    *High-quality Neodymium magnet in cartridge
    *Best Quality PP Metal with Powder Coating/Paint for Professional look
    *We have the largest range of Wired Microphones
    *Easily compatible with all PA System
    *Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone easily

    Technical Specifications:
    *Type – Dynamic moving coil
    *Unidirectional Microphone
    *Freq. Resp. – 50 to 16KHz
    *Output Impedance – 600 Ohms
    *Sensitivity – @1Khz ,open circuit voltage -55 dBV/Pal (1.79 mV)
    *Connector – Three -pin professional audio (XLR), male

    Additional information

    Weight 1.7 lbs
    Dimensions 5.0 × 3.0 × 11.5 in