5 Core Ceiling Speaker 3 Inch White grill + LMT 100V Easy Wall-Mount CL-03-01


• Ceiling Speaker combine elegant, modern style with outstanding audio performance. With a very thin trim line, you will not even notice that there are speakers there until you hear them.
• The extremely powerful magnets on these speakers keep the micro flange grilles attached and flush mounted for easy installation
• When mounted to a wall or ceiling, this speaker solves your audio placement probleSteel and creates a more realistic sound image when compared to other in-ceiling speakers.
• Speakers creates a modern, seamless look and allows the speaker to blend easily into the ceiling or wall. It can be spray painted to match the decor for a visually aesthetic appearance.
• Smooth and natural sound signature with clean bass output for impactful listening experience. Designed for optimal performance in a wide variety of home entertainment applications

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    *Rated Power – 1.5/3W
    *Frequency Response – 91Hz-16KHz
    *Sensitivity – 91 dB
    *Line Voltage – 70-100V
    *Size – 3 Inch

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    Weight 0.99 lbs
    Dimensions 4.0 × 4.0 × 4.0 in