5 Core 6 inch Car Woofer Speaker Foam Perry Cone WF 672


• High power handling capacity the 4-ohm component audio speaker compensates the undersized wire found in many of today’s cars It also make the most of every 300 watts peak power your car stereo can deliver with Y-30 magnet
• 5 Core woofer has 30 oz magnet structure and 60 Hz -20 kHz frequency response that complete the package It helps to provide smooth, loud, and detailed sound
• Use for Car Doors, Car boot, pro DJ speakers, pro PA speakers, pro karaoke speakers, live sound speakers, fixed installation speakers, studio monitors and home audio speakers
• Frame Steel , Magnet 70x32x15, Voice Coil Size 0.81 inches.
• Best quality, Lead-free solder used for strong connection between Coil wire, Tag and Copper tensile wire.

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    Feature :-

    *Specially designed Woofer Cone for bass effect.
    *Pre-treated Woofer Frame which gives it a fine look.
    * High power handling capacity
    * Kapton paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage Sustainability.
    *Best quality Lead-free solder used for strong connection between Coil wire, Tag, and Copper tensile wire.
    * Highly flexible Spider/Damper used for accurate cone movement


    *Low carbon forged Iron T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite Magnet for better enforcement.
    * Latest Technology used for charging of magnet.
    *Superior-quality tensile copper wire for a smooth connection with Speaker tag
    *Voice coil with high-quality precision Copper wires & Aluminum heat sink.
    *Highly adhesive Glues are used in an assembly of Speaker for strong bonding between all parts of it.

    Technical Specifications :

    *Frame – Steel , 6 Inches
    *Cone – Foam Cone Edge
    *Impedance – 4 Ohms
    *RMS Power – 30W
    *Magnet – 70x32x15
    *Voice Coil Size – 0.81 Inches

    Additional information

    Weight 0.0 lbs
    Dimensions 6.0 × 3.0 × 6.0 in