5 Core 12 Inch Replacement Woofer 120mm Magnet 120W RMS 8Ohms 2Pcs


• Steel stamped frame, overall size is 12″, mounting depth is 5″, designed and engineered in INDIA
• Max power handling: 240 watts
• RMS power handling: 120 watts
• Stamped steel frame keeps components in perfect alignment
• Optimized motor features high-energy ceramic ferrite magnet, vented pole piece

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    5 Core Woofer 12 Inch 120mm Magnet

    *Frame – Steel , 12”
    *Cone – Paper Cone with Foam Edge
    *Impedance – 80 Ohms
    *RMS Power – 120W
    *PMPO – 1200
    *Magnet – 120x57x20
    *Voice Coil Size – 1.25 inches

    • Low carbon forged Iron T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite Magnet for better enforcement.
    • Latest Technology used for charging of magnet.
    • Superior-quality tensile copper wire for a smooth connection with Speaker tag
    • Voice coil with high-quality precision Copper wires & Aluminum heat sink.
    • Highly adhesive Glues are used in an assembly of Speaker for strong bonding between all parts of it.

    Specially designed Woofer Cone for Dass effect.
    Pre-treated Woofer Frame which gives it a fine look.
    High power handling capacity
    Kapton paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage Sustainability.
    Best quality Lead-free solder used for strong connection between Coil wire Tag. and Copper tensile wire.
    Highly flexible Spider/Damper used for accurate cone movement

    Additional information

    Weight 10.72 lbs
    Dimensions 12.2 × 10.6 × 12.5 in