Neodymium Microphone - 5C-MM-ND-57(STURDY)


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Neodymium Microphone - 5C-MM-ND-57(STURDY)


  • Premium-quality Neodymium magnet in cartridge
  • Good reception of the Microphone
  • Metal bawl with thick foam for shock/dust proong cartridge
  • Best quality Metal paint for the finest look
  • High-grade Brass metal XLR male & female pins
  • Easily compatible with all PA systems
  • Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone effortlessly
  • Universally-matched 3-pin professional XLR connector

Technical Specifications:

Type Dynamic moving coil
Unidirectional Microphone
Freq. Resp. 50 to 16KHz
Output Impedance 600 Ω
Sensitivity @ 1 kHz, open circuit voltage -55 dBV/Pal (1.79 mV)
Connector Three -pin professional audio (XLR), male