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5CORE® specializes in bringing together the endless variety of PA equipment and systems for your set of surroundings. 5CORE® is not only the best AV integrators in India but one of the Top Audio-Visual System Integration companies in world. Be it small or large setting, our system integrators integrate top-notch sound solutions for all kinds of the audio-visual system needs. Along with the integration of audio visual systems, our system integrators provide end-to-end services. You just choose and let us do the rest!

From Amplifiers to DJ Mixers, Megaphones to Microphones, Speakers to Woofers, 5CORE® has a huge variety of choices for its clients. Pick and choose wisely is what they say and our system integrators will give you the best. Our system integrators have done great work pan India in most of the cities around the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chennai, Kerala and many more.


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Column Speakers

A wide repertoire ranging from small-sized to large-sized Column Speakers designed to boost your surroundings with its crisp and clear sound draped in fine-edged structure. Not only worthwhile will be your experience with 5CORE® system integrators but our end-to-end services will be a lifetime experience.


Meeting your requirements of PA equipment and Systems, 5CORE® provides system integration of Megaphones exclusively assembled as per the needs of the users. A fine collection of lightweight, small-sized Megaphones with easy-to-operate functions has been the first choice of 5CORE® system integrators. Connect with us & know more!


Integrating the best-in-class premium-quality V.H.F as well as U.H.F Microphones for you with its other set of requirements, 5CORE® system integrators not just provide the top-notch Microphones from the market but gives end-to-end services at disposal. Ranging from Wired to Wireless, Conference to Collar, find a huge variety at one stop!

Audio Mixers

Need an assembly of Audio Mixers at the doorstep? 5CORE® is one stop shop for effective and promising Audio Mixers system integration ranging from DJ Mixers to Mixing Consoles, Slim Mixers to Power Mixers. Meet our system integrators today!


Have you been looking for a System Integrator to set up a musical setting? 5CORE® brings its finest collection of Power Amplifiers, Portable Wireless Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers and what not! Our System integrators will help you define your requirements.

Wireless Conference Microphones

Let the meeting be a hassle-free business now! 5CORE® presents intelligible Conference system integration solutions with its wide assortment of Wireless Conference Microphones. Our system integrators provide best sound solutions as per your needs and space.