Respect: 5core® considers our channel partners not only as our family members but our business partners as well!! You earn respect from your customers for being a distributor of the world-class Indian multinational brand.

Quality: 5core® gives you top-notch quality products which gives satisfaction to your customers, peace to your mind and freedom from complaints of customers.

Price: 5core® gives you competitive prices to compete in the market.

Availability: 5core® provides you products from the manufacturing unit to your door step.

Variety: 5core® gives you vast range of 1100+ products under one roof including amplifiers, loudspeakers, reflex horn, car speaker, home theaters, stand, driver units, twitters, woofers, computer speakers to offer your targeted customers!!

Profit Margin: 5core® provides realistic margins on selling our products higher than our competitors!!

Advertisement support: 5core® gives 100% support in terms of branding and a new competitive edge to your business!

Sales Support: 5core® business development manager will come to your territory and develop business for you, if required.

Credit Facility: 5core® provides credit as per your goodwill and credit worthiness*.

After-sales service: 5core® is equipped with a technical team to solve, direct and train you to handle all type of queries and spare parts availability.

Training and Development: 5core® BDM visits your country to train your sales team regarding products, marketing & other necessary domains.

Online Technical Help Desk


5core® laid its foundation in 1984 with a mission to create a brand for AUDIO SYSTEMS. It primarily dealt with manufacturing, exporting and retailing of products in different countries. The response received was immensely beyond expectations; after that small assignment, the company came a long way with the help of successful tie-ups, ownerships, and network outsourcing to different countries. It established sales networking with the leadership of highly- experienced group all over the world, and in the process, company has impressed the hearts of customers with its wide range of products pertaining to different styles and usages throughout the world.

Our Advertisement Plans and Support Service

5core® has formulated various advertisement tactics & strategies that are mainly concentrated to shops /distributors points. We provide display board, visuals, stickers etc.

5core®‘s distributor support services are carefully designed to provide efficient and productive business operations, constant support and after-sales support for our distributors.

Other than the right to use* 5core®‘s registered name and logo, services ranging from the dealer core training and consultation services to daily business operational support to regular product design innovations will be made available to you.


Outlet Set Up Merchandise Display Product Selection Advertising and Promotion Human Resource Training Regular Audits & Product Development Business & Operation Training Digital Support Product Enhancement Technical Support Sales & After Sales Support

How is 5core® distributorship opportunity better than others ?

1. 5core® has a huge range of products in various categories to suit the needs and wants of diverse customers.

2. 5core®’s state of art infrastructure makes it possible to customize (Institutional Orders) any products for customers in terms of three P…s (Product, Packing and Price).

3. 5core® will pass on all retail orders which are procured by the company to increase the sale of the distributor.

4. 5core® will provide all catalogs and pamphlets at free of cost to the dealers.

5. 5core® will provide advertisement & display support materials like boards, danglers, visuals, branding to the dealers as well as to the sub-dealers.

6. 5core® will make sure that the distributor is having enough stock of spare parts to support the warranty period service.

7. 5core® will support their dealers to fight with other competitors in terms of pricing.

8. 5core® will route all product launches through the distributors.

9. 5core® will support by recruiting and training sales staffs for the distributors.

10. 5core® will provide proper certificate to the distributors.

11. 5core® constantly enhances the visibility of brand in the market through exhibitions across the globe rendering overall visibility of our distributors.