Megaphone - HW-66SF With BATTERY


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Product Description

This user-friendly 5CORE® Megaphone HW-66SF offers 25 watts of power and sound coverage of 500m. This compact yet powerful portable megaphone with hand grip is commonly used at outdoor sporting events, political rallies, and street demonstrations, Armed forces and Police due to its compatible size and weight, and it runs on C-sized batteries. Additional features include a built-in siren, volume control, power on/off switch, USB, AUX, SD, record functions and a convenient carry strap.


  •   500m sound coverage with volume control function.
  •   16 seconds recordable & usable with rechargeable battery.
  •   USB, AUX, Socket & & MMC Card Slots.
  •   Built-in siren and anti-feedback microphone.
  •   Two mics (handle mic & mic on rear cover).
  •   Used at outdoor sporting events, political rallies, and street demonstrations, Kettling or Corralling.

Technical Specifications :

Size Diameter of 230mmx350mm
Material Fresh ABS
Dry Cell 8x1.5V (size C)
Power 25-watt
Microphone Unidirectional

Dedicated Microphone with

Volume control & PTT Switch

Weight 1.30 Kg(Without Cell)
Runs on Eight C-sized 1.5V batteries

USP : 

  • Tough ABS Plastic Molded body for compact, light weight and rugged use
  • Available with rechargeable battery, Talk, Siren, USB, AUX, MMC slots with extra hand held mic.
  • Trigger Option for instant use of MIC during USB operation.
  • Also operable with AC to 12V DC Adopter
  • 16 seconds recordable
  • Long shoulder belt for an easy carry
  • Protective PVC ring on the flare