Gypsy Horn - UHC 150

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Compact, lightweight 5CORE® Gypsy Horns are molded in tough ABS Plastic to deliver clean, intelligible sound giving its users an excellent acoustical experience


  • High-quality horn speaker molded in Fresh First Grade ABS Plastic.
  • 100 Volts Operated
  • Line Matching Transformer for power output adjustment.*
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Clamp for easy installation at places.
  • Power Tap Switch to vary between the Maximum 15W and Minimum 2.5W of output.

Technical Specifications:

Input Power

5W RMS/23W Max.

Freq. Resp.

275-7000 Hz

SPL (1W/1M)

106 dB

Power Taps

2.5W, 5W, 10W, 15W



  • Withstands extreme climatic conditions.
  • Good power handling capacity.
  • IP66 waterproof protection for extreme climatic conditions.
  • Fitted with 0.6m (2') 2-core sheathed speaker cable, secure through a water-tight, tug-proof cable gland.
  • Low Carbon forged Iron T-yoke & Y-30 approved Ferrite Magnet. (Best in its Class).
*Also available without transformer.