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15 inch Subwoofer Replacement DJ Speaker Sub Woofer Loudspeaker Wide Full Range Loud 5 Core 15-185 22 AL


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Full Range Speakers FR 15 185 22 AL   Features: *Full Range Speakers with Aluminum Frames*Cotton edge pressed paper cone...

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Full Range Speakers FR 15 185 22 AL



*Full Range Speakers with Aluminum Frames
*Cotton edge pressed paper cone prepared for the crisp and soothing sound with dust cap.
*Hi-tensile forged low carbon Metal T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite magnet.
*Voice coil with high-quality precision copper wires & aluminum heat sink
*Highly-flexible spiders/dampers used for accurate cone movement.
*Sturdy and rugged look for professional use.
*High power handling capacity.
*Ideal for indoor and outdoor PA Application.



*Till paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage sustainability.
*A high-grade adhesive is used in an assembly of Speaker for strong bonding between all parts of it.
*Best quality lead free solder used for strong connection between coil wire, tag and copper tensile wire.
*Metallic terminals are aligned with proper polarity symbols for connection
*High quality sound output with minimum noise, passed through advance quality testing procedure.


Technical Specifications :

*Frame - AL, 15 Inch�
*Cone - Paper Cone Cloth Edge
*Impedance - 8 Ohms
*RMS Power - 220W
*PMPO - 1500
*Magnet - 155X57X20
*Voice Coil Size - 3 Inch (In/Out) Coil

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