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Outdoor Speaker Wired Waterproof System Wall Mounted Indoor Outside Surround Sound Home Exterior 5 Core 10T G


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DESCRIPTIONSteel Column - 10T Features:· Sleek metallic cabinet in grey and white texture for an elegant look.· Acoustically designed speaker...


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Steel Column - 10T


· Sleek metallic cabinet in grey and white texture for an elegant look.
· Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor and outdoor performances.
· Array of Speakers radiating forward Sound Beam for wider audience coverage
· Fine quality "Lycra" cloth for dust proofing
· Heavy duty clamp to hold the column in extreme climatic condition.
· LINE MATCHING TRANSFORMER (LMT) for proper uniformity in sound in the array of speakers.
· Custom-made design suitable for professional use and produces soothing sound.
· For indoor & outdoor applications such as in Halls, Auditorium, Airport Lounge, Bus Station, Railway Station.
· Weather-resistant for use under roof.


Technical Specifications:

Input Power 10W RMS
Impedance/Voltage 4Ω 100V
Frequency Response 150-10 KHz
SPL at 1kHz 92dB/1W/1m
Speaker 1 - 6" x 4"
Taping 2.5W,5W,10W

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