Column Speakers

5 CORE presents rugged and reliable Column Speakers delivering excellent sound quality. Powerful and high-quality Column Speakers are compact and compatible to use in DJ Functions, Discotheques, Malls among others.

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COLUMN SPEAKER STAND-015 CORE's feature-rich, rugged, and powerful Column Speaker Stand (STAND 01) are exquisitely designed to provide strength the installations of Column Speakers. We bring you a wide variety of Column Speaker Stands acoustically de..
COLUMN SPEAKER STAND-015 CORE's feature-rich, rugged, and powerful Column Speaker...
Column-STAND  Speaker-STAND-04
DESCRIPTIONPA-COLUMN-15"-ACTIVE-SSP-DLX-E-(MIX-MODEL)15"185mm Active Plastic Column This rugged and reliable  5C PC 05 15"185mm Plastic Active Column comes with an inbuilt double-powered amplifier delivering excellent sound quality. This po..
PA-COLUMN-15"-SSP-DLX-E-(MIX-MODEL)Features:·         Full-range Hi-Fi Speaker with Cloth Edge Cone ·         Voice Coil wounded with high quality Copper Wire.· &nbs..
PA-COLUMN-15"-SSP-DLX-E-(MIX-MODEL)Features:·      ...
Steel Column - 10T
Steel Column - 10TFeatures:·         Sleek metallic cabinet in grey and white texture for an elegant look.·         Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor and outd..
Steel Column - 10TFeatures:·         Slee...
Steel Column - 12T
Steel Column - 12TFeatures:·         Sleek metallic cabinet in white texture for an elegant look.·         Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor an..
Steel Column - 12TFeatures:·         ...
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