Amplifier Echo - 5C AMP 80 W E

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Amplifier Echo 5C AMP 80W E


·         Fine zinc coated chassis with powder-coated upper cover, back and dial plate.

·         5 Microphone inputs, 1 Aux & USB Input

·         Echo, Repeat and Delay Function enabled

·         Bass and Treble (Low & High) Tone Control Function

·         Separate Master Control for all the channels

·         Low current consumption for long life on battery operation.

·         70 Micron Glass Epoxy Printed Circuit Board

·         Two way power source amplifier - AC mains, 12V BATTERY

·         Protection provided against the reverse polarity of battery connection.

·         Easily compatible with Mixers/CD/DVD/VCD/MP3/MP4 players, Power amplifiers together

Technical Specifications:

Power Source

AC:220-240V 50/60Hz

DC:12V (Car battery)

Power Output

115 Watts RMS Max,

85 Watts RMS at 10% THD,

80 Watts RMS at 5% THD

Output regulation

≤2db, no load to full load at 1kHz


5xMIC 0.65mV/4.7kΩ

1xAux 125mV/470kΩ  

Frequency Response

65Hz-18,000hz ±3db

Tone Controls

BASS:- ±10db at 100Hz

TREBLE:±10db at 10kHz

Signal to Noise ratio


Pre-Amp Output


Speaker output

4Ω, 8Ω,16Ω 70,100V


(W35.5x H13.5 x D28.4)CM





·         BS-1363 standard approved fusible main cord

·         Best-quality lead-free solder used for strong connection between joints

·         Portable and ideal for use in remote places without electricity